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Personal token issuance platform & marketplace

Back to 2017, personal ICO exchange “VALU” got a massive attention in Japan. Indie influencers tokonized their value and such personal tokens were priced / traded there. VALU originally intended cloud funding-like usage, however money game nature was featured and one-night millionaires were made. YouTuber HIKARU‘s exit scam caused a nation-wide criticism and a financial regulation finally killed the platform.

Now, new pioneer is challenging to open the personal token frontier.

Zelantus (ZELS) is a personal DeFi (PeFi) token issuance platform and marketplace, where individuals can tokenize their brand and issue their own tokens in exchange for burning ZELS. Issued indie tokens can be transferred freely to anyone. You can create your own micro economic zone where your token works as currency. Awesome!

So far, you can mine Zelantus (KawPow) or buy on altilly exchange.

White Paper claims Zelantus targets world job market. Founder believes in a future where market participants will be able to issue fractional shares of one’s time and get compensated on a micro-employment smart contractual basis. This concept could be a key factor for a future financial freedom world!

Let me imagine actual use cases. There are so many fantastic use cases are expected. (Note that I didn’t talk with founder. Following use-cases are my personal imagination based on white paper)


“An web designer Zidane issued ZID tokens (e.g. ZID 1.0mn = 500 working hours). His client bought 0.3mn ZID or 150 hours by ZELS 0.45mn (ZID 1.0 = ZELS 1.5) to ask an e-commerce site maintenance.”

In this case, ZID token simply works as a measure of working hours and fee. Not a strong rationale to tokenize.


“Zidane hired a business consultant Messi for ZELS 0.75mn work. Zidane paid by his ZID 0.5mn instead of ZELS (ZID 1.0 = ZELS 1.5) to get Messi’s business services.

Messi also has his own token MESS and hired Zidane for ZELS 0.39mn website building work by paying his MESS 1.3mn (MESS 1.0 = ZELS 0.3).”

This is awesome use-case of tokenizing their “time” to get services without spending money. Micropreneur or SME business with tight budget will be attracted by this idea.

This use-case has a feature of (i) advanced monetization of working time, and (ii) swapping of working time / skill. To achieve them, VALU-like “exchange market” will also be needed for Zidane / Messi to monetize or transfer their MESS / ZID holdings later.


“Zidane and Messi has a common startup idea to build a football club, Unreal Madrid F.C. Messi decided to provide funding to Zidane for this project.

Zidane issued 1.5mn ZID_EQUITY tokens and Messi bought the ZID_EQUITY by paying MESS 3mn.

Zidane sold the MESS 3mn and used the fund to launch Unreal Madrid F.C. Messi provides MESS 3mn equivalent business consulting to a client, who bout MESS from Zidane.”

Although such use-case is not mentioned on white paper, I believe someone will utilize Zelantus platform for fund-raising purpose. It may be quick & easy funding solution, however scammers may come like VALU…


“Unreal Madrid F.C. became a big club and issued UNREAL token for communication with supporters.

Supporters, who bought match ticket through club’s mobile app, get UNREAL token. If royal supporter got total UNREAL 10mn, he/she has a right to have a dinner with Zidane.”

I think this kind of use-case will be the first step for Zelantus to get public attention. Influencer, sports club or tech specialist etc. can tokenize them and utilize the token for fans’ royalty management.

Blockchain enables tracking of fans’ activity. That will be helpful for them to manage marketing strategy.

Key to achieve this concept is plugin for easy integration with website / mobile App. I don’t think their fans install Zelantus App. Zelantus’ functionality has to be installed on website / app.


“Unreal Madrid F.C. held a co-promotion with Riverpool F.C. to reward royal supporters. Unreal Madrid’s supporters, who has UNREAL 2.0mn, got an invitation to virtual realty match of Riverpool F.C.”

Token will enable such collaboration promotion easier. However, given token is transferrable / exchangeable, this kind of use may involve money game nature into supporters’ community. Exchange market for such tokens may be built. If Unreal Madrid performs well, the token price may hike like shares. Not sure if such usage is sound to manage supporters’ royalty.

I tried Zelantus Android App (alpha version) and issued my first own token “HENTAI”. The App is neat / user friendly and already implements basic functions. I could easily create HENTAI token just by a few clicks. The HENTAI token can be transferred or burned. Reissuance of HENTAI and issuance of sub asset can also be done through App.

Zelantus is still an early-stage project and its future is subject to an involvement of developer, investor, marketer and influencer. If you are interested, there is a Discord community.

Huge market is there. It’s obvious by considering VALU case. Hope Zelantus opens personal token frontier.

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