Bitcoin Trading YouTuber – Review

Recent Bitcoin bull run made crypto-trading YouTubers rock star! Let me introduce my favorite YouTubers for your successful trading!


Bull-boy with the strongest heart. Prefer high-leverage trading without stop-loss. His all-or-nothing style achieved extraordinary return under this bull-run.

Benjamin Cowen

Sadist who humiliates short-term traders. Only focuses on long-term trend and prefers short position. Best channel to learn long-term price history and outlook.

The Moon

Although pro-traders hate his super-bull character and short-term trading style, his easy-to-understand TA should be good for beginner-to-amateur traders. Very simplified analysis, just based on chart, volume, EMA, RSI and Bitcoin Dominance.


Because this is mining blog, let me also introduce mining YouTuber. He is always a first penguin trying new machine models by himself. Must-watch channel for every crypto miners.

Chico Crypto

His unique research always identifies high-potential altcoins at early phase. Must-watch channel for risk-tolerance crypto dreamers.

Crypto Capital Ventures

Fibonacci retracement mania with sweet voice. High-accuracy on target price of break-out trade.


Early-adopter of Bitcoin. Also holds super-diversified altcoin portfolio. A bit conservative for Bitcoin price, and his conservative outlook always causes dispute vs. his best friend bull-boy, MMCrypto.

Ivan on Tech

Bitcoin DJ from Stockholm. May not a best technical analyst, but well covers up-to-date bitcoin news with enthusiasm.

The Blockchain Today

Well-balanced trader with good voice.

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