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Hello! Thank you for visiting mining@ge!

In this blog, I will introduce the latest crypto assets mining scene from Tbilisi, Georgia.

Also, Georgian food, culture, sightseeing, border crossing, visa, home search, residence permit, company formation, bank account opening, investment and business environment are covered.

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2 thoughts on “Hello World!!

  1. Greetings!

    I am hoping to move to Georgia to mine:
    -what rig would you recommend with a $10k dollar budget?
    -are there any communities in Georgia that would guide my move?

    Kindest regards,
    Jack Moss

    1. Hi, Jack
      Electricity tariff in Georgia is around 9cent/kWh, which is not competitive for mining anymore.
      My recommendation is to go any other country where cheaper tariff is available.

      For miner selection:
      – Avoid Ethereum, since it’s mining will end likely next year
      – At least half of CAPEX should be used for Bitcoin, due to its certainty
      – Secure multiple machines for single model. S19 is sold around $10k, but just buying single S19 is too risky, as machine may be broken
      – Avoid Bitmain S17 or StrongU models, due to higher failure rate

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