Next 10x?? – Honeyswap & xDai Stake

Non-ETH smart-contract platform “xDai Chain” & xDai-based DEX “Honeyswap” are emerging hot topic Slow processing and high fee… Are you satisfied by Ethereum? If not, you may be interested in xDai Chain. xDai Chain is a stable payments blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive stable transactions. Transactions are held in a few seconds! Fee is […]

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Luxor Equihash Switch – Review

3-10% income gain was observed for Equihash mining Profit switching is an important tool to maximize crypto assets mining income. NiceHash is perhaps the most popular profit switching example, by which mining coins are automatically “switched” among specific algorithm based upon coin price and mining competitiveness. Today, let me introduce Luxor Switch, which was recently […]

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