Luxor Equihash Switch – Review

3-10% income gain was observed for Equihash mining

Profit switching is an important tool to maximize crypto assets mining income. NiceHash is perhaps the most popular profit switching example, by which mining coins are automatically “switched” among specific algorithm based upon coin price and mining competitiveness.

Today, let me introduce Luxor Switch, which was recently launched by Luxor Mining pool as alpha version. Luxor Swith is a savvy profit switching services focusing only on Equihash at this moment.

Equihash has number of small to large cap coins, like ZCASH, Pirate or Horizen. When you run an Equihash machine like Z11, of course mining profitability fluctuates second by second for each coin. Sometimes ZCASH performs well, but Horizen may perform better after 5min.

Luxor Switch automatically analyze mining environment and switches mining coins to best performing one. Their article claims a significant uplift of mining income as shown in below table.

We held a a few weeks benchmark experiment in our mining facility, and observed Luxor Switch gave 3-10% income uplift per hashrate compared to other ZCASH or switching pool.

One more point I want to mention is that their Catalyst function enables Bitcoin payout of your mining income.


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