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Mobile Mining – Pi Network

Tap your phone to enjoy the easiest mining experience!

Starting from CPU, followed by rapid expansion in GPU, crypto assets mining is now dominated by ASIC machines. So what’s next?

Your smartphone might be next trend of mining.

Launched in 2019, Pi Network is a crypto assets & smart contract token, which is mined through Android App or iPone App on your smartphone.

Steller Consensus Protocol & Federated Byzantine Agreement enabled light-weight eco-friendly consensus mechanism, which well works on smartphone.

Currently, you can mine 0.2 Pi per hour under Pioneer role and this mining rate is gradually decreased over the years. By taking a higher responsibility as Contributor and/or inviting more miners as Ambassador, you can expect higher mining rate.

So how’s mining profitability?? Please note that YOU CAN’T WITHDRAW MINED PI TILL PROJECT PHASE 3 MAINNET IS IMPLEMENTED, so you can’t monetize your mining income. Instead you can enjoy watching accumulated mined Pi on your wallet!

Future of Pi Network is still uncertain, but it’s a quick and easy entry gate into mining world for sure!

If you want to try it, download Pi Network Android App or iPhone App and start mining. You just need 1 tap per day to start mining.


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