Next Bubble? – NFT / Non Fungible Tokens

Wider Implementation and craze growth is now happening in NFT space

Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs are unique, rare and Indivisible digital items with blockchain-managed ownership, e.g. collectibles, game items, digital art, event tickets, domain names, betting or even ownership records for physical assets.

Thanks to years of community’s patient involvement, now NFT has built an ecosystem for public penetration and is in “flying” phase.

Following the gradual growth phase starting from mid-2020, daily trading volumes of NFTs now exceeds $300k recently with strong upside stream, based on

Because NFTs are on blockchain where the uniqueness and authenticity are secured, NFTs have good chemistry with game character, art, domain or ticket, etc. NFT’s linkage with digital assets in real use is a big difference vs. DeFi, on which money-game is featured.

I don’t believe NFT creates DeFi-like millionaire dream, since it’s not money game. However, it is linked to real-use, thus mid/long-term robust penetration may be expected.

Let me introduce some NFT/NFT-related tokens. But, be careful for their extreme volatility. Some NFT tokens like (SAFE) experienced 90%+ drop recently.


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